"Seamen's Mission starts with the discovery, of human beings living and working on board of ships."

For 102 years "support of seafarer's dignity" is the overall statement and challenge for the Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven. Seafaring is the basis for international trade relations. The ship is the number one conveyance. 95 % of imported goods come over sea to Germany. Worldwide more than one million people work on a ship. Seafarer work seven days a week. They leave their families for months back home, live away from their lifestyle, culture and language. Technical supplies on a small area characterize the lifestyle on board. The employment contracts are often insecure. Seafarers are always among foreigners, in a foreign country. Work and life of a seafarer are characterized by relinquishment, isolation and conflicts. By our understanding a lot of seafarers work under unworthy conditions.

The German Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven offers a home for seafarers, conversations on board and practical help in a foreign country - independend of the social, national or religious background of the seafarer.

Support our work for seafarer's life in dignity!




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