Ship visiting

The main task of our work is to visit seafarers on board of their ships. As a result of technical progress the average mooring-time in port for one ship has been decreased to a few hours. In order to safe money the ship's crew has been reduced to a minimum. As a result most seafarers have no chance to relax or for sightseeing when their ship is moored in the port. Instead they have to work more. An other stress factor are administrative bodies and agencies who require attention. Beside of that, cargo operations need to be watched by crew members. It regularly occurs that we meet seafarers who had no shore leave for more than one month.

Those facts make ship visits even more important. The Seamen's Mission is not interested in any formal papers. We come on board to be there for the seafarers. To support their dignity and welfare. We bring phone cards, newspapers in different languages and an open mind for problems on board.

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