The history of the Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven

In the beginning of 1908 the local director of Cuxhaven fishmarket Mr. Friedrich Duge founded the committee for "building a seamen's home in Cuxhaven".

Already in May 14th of 1908 the former "Hafen Hotel" (before Hotel National) could be rented and was reconstructed into to a seamen's home in Woltmannstreet. A big readingroom, a flat for the warden and several overnight rooms with a total of 12 beds were built up in only two months. Cuxhavens first seamen’s home was opened on July 4th 1908. In co-operation with the port authorities and different ship owners an employment centre was founded in the seamen's home, like it was done in other seamen's homes in Germany. The intention of this employment centre was to prevent suspect job offers and help young seafarers.

Another task of the Seamen's Mission were visits on board the ships in port. In 1909 Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven visited already 1084 ships. 9100 guests used the reading room in the seamen's home and 514 seamen used the offered accommodations 3567 nights in the house. The employment centre arranged 1352 jobs for seafarers.

1911 the "Welfare association for seafarer" was founded - today's Seamen's Mission.

During the First World War marines and the soldiers of the seabattalion were stationed in the seamen's home.

1921 the Seamen's Mission bought the former hotel "Kaiserhof" in Deichstreet and offers 52 beds from July 10th on.

The German Armed Forces confiscated the seamen's home in 1941. It was mainly used for armour work and the marines. At the end of the war displaced persons found a home in the seamen's house.

In autumn 1947 the business of seamen's house restarts slowly. But only in 1949, when all displaced persons left the house, the Mission was again operating in full scale. Until the end of the 60's the seamen's home was well known and a complete success. But then it got more and more difficult to work cost-covering. That was a result of shorter layovers in the port and the new configuration of the crews. Because of that the seamen's home in Cuxhaven had to close down in March 31st 1973. Financially it was impossible to launch a new seamen's home.

In 1977 the new Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven is built up. The new house, in Gruener Weg 25, was opened on March the 9th 1978. Beside a few guestrooms a clubroom was invented. Seafarers from board were invited to stay at the Seamen's Mission to enjoy the relaxing and calming atmosphere. Today you can enjoy your evening, besides nice talks, with calling home or using the Internet.

Today the main task of Seamen's Mission Cuxhaven is visiting seafarers on board and in the hospital.